nursing home abuse

One of the hardest decisions a child or spouse can be faced with in life is having to place an aged loved one in a nursing home or long term care facility. These facilities are licensed to provide skilled nursing care in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Families take painstaking care in choosing the right facility for their loved ones. One of the most troubling things that can happen to a family is to discover that the facility they trusted is abusing or neglecting their loved one. Abuse comes in many forms depending on the condition of the patient. Bed sores, lack of nourishment, prescriptions not being administered properly, broken bones from falling, unsanitary conditions and even sexual abuse are just some of the issues many of our elferly face. At Shimek Law we are very sensitive to the issues of the elderly and very aggressively protect them when abuse of any kind is suspected. Our team of medical paralegals and investigators are highly skilled to determine if a case of abuse exists. Independent medical examinations by highly competent doctors along with independent corroborating evidence can determine the extent of the abuse and also the extent of the damages incurred. If you suspect that a loved one in a nursing facility is being mistreated or abused, please call us today. We take this type of personal injury very personally and fight for the rights of people that can’t fight for themselves.