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Pensacola Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

While motorcyclists usually abide by the law and ride safely, they are almost always blamed as the cause of any motorcycle accident they are involved in. Statistically, 80% percent of accidents involving motorcyclists are not the biker’s fault. Whether the accident is caused by a driver failing to see the motorcyclist, distracted by texting, cell phones, impaired by alcohol or drugs, or just choosing to make life difficult for motorcyclists, accidents are oftentimes caused by someone else’s negligence.

Motorcyclists are at an extremely high risk of being seriously hurt if involved in a crash. More than 80% of motorcycle accidents result in the rider or passenger being seriously injured due to the lack of protection that exists when riding a motorcycle. Victims and their families may face a loss of income, high medical bills, and continued emotional distress from injuries such as road rash, spinal cord, brain damage, bone fractures or even wrongful death.

In 2015, there were over 2000 reported motorcycle accidents in the State of Florida, which is an extremely scary statistic when considering the amount of protection motorcyclists have. It is very important for a motorcyclist to seek legal advice from an experienced Pensacola motorcycle accident attorney when these accidents occur as a result of the negligence of another person. In 40% of these accidents, the motorcyclist was seriously injured. With a rate of more than 2 in 5 motorcycle accidents resulting in serious injury, the rate of serious injuries for motorcyclists is significantly higher than that of car accidents. In accidents involving motorcycles, there were numerous fatalities in Florida in 2015. All of the fatalities involved in these accidents were motorcyclists.

Common Motorcycle Accidents

The most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Pensacola are often times preventable but in large part are due to the following:

Road Conditions

Bad weather, construction sites, traffic congestion and uneven pavement of road surfaces are a major contributor to creating unsafe conditions for motorcyclists and their passengers. A simple pot hole or small amount of road debris holds tremendous danger for the average motorcyclist.  Many accidents are the result of conditions outside of the motorcyclist’s control and injury and sometimes death are their result.


The most dangerous traffic control device that exists for motorcyclists are found at intersections. More motorcycle accidents occur at intersections than at any other place. Not only do intersections present six distinct accident posing positions, but when combined with vehicles stopped at lights and signs, cars and trucks turning into and across traffic patterns, road surfaces collecting fluids and debris, the results are a breeding ground for accidents and injuries. Head-on collisions and left-hand turns, (crossing a motorcycle’s path), are by far the most damage producing accidents that occur and often times result in motorcyclist’s injury and death.

Driver Errors and Impairment

All drivers that are impaired due to drugs or alcohol are at an increased risk of being involved in an accident. Motorcyclists who are impaired are at the greatest risk. In every accident, there is a negligent behavior or error that causes the accident.  It is very important when operating a motorcycle to be aware of every factor that could contribute to an accident occurring. Cyclists need to show extreme caution when operating a motorcycle and can never assume a driver sees them and cannot anticipate  another driver’s intentions.

Motorcycle Injuries that Can Occur

All motorcycle accidents have one thing in common and that is the motorcyclist and his or her passengers are the most vulnerable drivers on the road today. Unlike cars, trucks and other vehicles, motorcycles provide no protection for their drivers and passengers. Taking precautions like wearing helmets and protective clothing only goes so far in preventing injury and in some cases death when an accident happens. The lack of airbags, metal frames and seat belt protection poses a significant risk for motorcyclists when accidents occur. Because of this lack of protection, motorcyclists are prone to serious head, body and extremity injuries when involved in vehicle or high speed collisions.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Artie Shimek is an experienced wrongful death lawyer in Pensacola FL, and has fought numerous cases on behalf of the families of wrongful death victims. We understand the mentality of motorcyclists and know the thrills and fears associated with riding a motorcycle. By fighting on your behalf and increasing education about distracted driving with organization such as “Teens Against Distracted Driving,” we are working to make the roads of Florida a safer place for motorcyclists.

At the law firm of Artie Shimek we fight the insurance companies who seek to reduce or deny claims of car accident victims, because we firmly believe that people should not be punished for the negligence of others and that fair and just compensation for their injuries should be awarded.